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Eric Winstone Memorial Organ Trust

The Eric Winstone Memorial Organ Trust has the following purposes:

  • to further and assist the playing of the organ

  • to provide instruction for playing the organ

  • to make grants for the instruction, tuition or furtherance of the abilities of any person:

    • for the playing of the organ

    • in the composition of music for the organ

    • for any other purpose of assisting and advancing the playing of the organ

  • to make grants, donations or make funds available to organisations for assistance in:

    • the purchase of an organ

    • the restoration of an historic organ.

The Trust is registered as a Charitable Trust with the Department of Internal Affairs (CC49632) and is incorporated as a Board under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957.

Background history of the Trust and the Winstone Family

The Trust was established by the Auckland Organists' Association in 1994 with funds donated by members of the Winstone family. The Winstone family has had a distinguished record of philanthropy in relation to the Methodist Church and its organs, and service to the Methodist Church in Auckland.

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George Winstone (1875-1958) and his younger brother Frank (1879-1952) led the expansion of two Auckland businesses which had been established by two uncles respectively in 1864 and 1882. George’s son, Eric (1905-1990), was Chairman of Winstone Ltd (prior to its purchase, firstly by Brierley Investments Ltd in 1984, then by Fletcher Challenge Ltd in 1988. Today Winstone Aggregates continues as a division of Fletcher Building Ltd and operates from 26 locations in New Zealand. Frank M Winstone (Merchants) Ltd, a grain and seed merchant which diversified into cardboard products and farm machinery, was taken over by Equiticorp in 1985.

Applications for grants from the Trust

To apply for funding from the Trust, download the application form from this website or contact the Secretary at or PO Box 302 844, Auckland 0751. The form contains guidelines about the funding criteria of the Trust which are consistent with the above purposes of the Trust, and a request for information to assist the Trustees in their funding allocation decision.


Download: Application for support with Organ Tuition (PDF)

Deadlines for funding requests to be submitted are: 1 February, 1 June, and 1 October in each year. Applicants can expect communication back from the Trust within six weeks of the above dates.

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